What We Do

Typical clients include federal, state and local government agencies as
well as organizations in the private sector that require support in data
collection, data management and analysis, and report creation.

The current need for public health informatics arises from new
pressures on the public health system in the form of more virulent,
rapidly spreading infections, bioterrorism threats, etc.; decreased public
health funding; emerging health issues that require seamless electronic
exchanges of information; and dramatic improvements in information
technology. The need to transmit or collect quality data, unify disparate
datasets, create a sound data infrastructure and disseminate data
quickly will increase as the need for timely, accurate information from a
variety of sources is required to inform public health action.
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Study / survey design
Systems requirements gathering
Development of data collection
Software customization
Data collection
Database/system design
Data management
Database administration / security
Quality assurance
Data storage and management
Statistical programming
Data migration and integration
Epidemiologic / statistical analyses
Data modeling and simulation
Report customization
System testing
Database reporting
User support